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Textile Auxiliaries

MKS DevO is an organic chemical factory that provides solutions for textile technologies for many years and produces the raw materials of a significant part. However, he is specialized on Cotton Textile Materials.
MKS DevO has always brought a new breath to the sector with its patented inventive products developed in R&D centers.
The Coreoxide, the patented MKS DevO invention, improves the bleaching efficiency with the Stabilized Peroxide structure.
CoreOxide  Types
COREOXIDE S Stabilized Peroxide               
COREOXIDE R CONC Stabilized Peroxide with foam controlled surfactant  
COREOXIDE Z CONC Stabilized Peroxide with foam controlled double surfactant
COREOXIDE 4 DYE Stabilized Peroxide with foam controlled 4 times surfactant  
COREOXIDE MAXI Stabilized Peroxide with foam controlled double surfactant + Desizing Effect
COREOXIDE CP Stabilized Peroxide with special surfactants        
Textile Technology Standard Conventional Products
ANTISIMA Antislippage Agent           
APRETTA Resins for wrinkle-free finish
CLARA Washing Agents for after Dyeing&Printing
COMPLEXA DEMINERA Demineralization Agents
COREBASE Combine Bleaching Agents
DEAIRO Deairating Agents
DEFOMA Defoamers
DEOLA Oil Removers
DEVOLOPE AL STAB Special alkaline for Viscose
DESIZO Desizing Agents
ECONOTRA Ecological Buffer Acids
EFECTO Special Finishing Agents
FIXOS Fixing Agents
OBA Optical Brightener Agents
OBAKILLER Optic Ripper Agent
PEROKILL Antiperoxide Enzymes
SECHO Sequestering Agents
SOFTENO Softeners & Silicones
STAMPOL Printing Auxiliaries
STOPA Peroxide Stabilizators
WETTO Wetting Agents
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