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Sulphur Black Dyestuff for Denim

New SULTAN BLACK range focusing new production technology, ecological and application performance that are compliant with environmental aspects, trends, health and  safety standards of 21st Century's textile industry. The production of Sulphur Black Dye, which was patented in 1901, continues to be produced in the same way by competitors without undergoing fundamental changes.
By-products produced at significant amounts at the end of conventional reactions:
  • Sodium Thiosulfate.
  • In the past, the use of Sodium Thiosulphate was wider, while the resulting amount could be consumed.
  • Nowadays, it becomes waste because its use decreases.
In 2012, MKS DevO Kimya improved the reduction technology with Boron Catalyst and minimized the amount of sodium thiosulphate produced as a by-product from the reactions. While 60 kg of water is consumed for the production of 1 kg of dyestuff in conventional dyestuff production, 1 kg of water is consumed by MKS DevO catalyst technology. This water is also recovered and does not become waste.
Our new cutting edge SULTAN BLACK production technology features;
  • Undisputed cost&quality effectiveness
  • Environmentally Friendly, Azo Free, less inorganic polysulphide
  • Better penetration, diffusion and fixing to the fibre
  • High stability of storage and usage
Reducing Agents. Provides High Reducing & Controlled Oxidation Ability  REDUCTO Series 
Non-Sulphide Base Reducing Agents       
WETTO Series
Wetting Agents for Pretreatment, Dyeing and Mercerizing           
SECHO Series 
Powerful Sequestering Agents
Dispersing & Washing Agents   ECONOTRA Series
%100 Organic Acid Buffers      
OXIDO Series
Powerful Oxidizing Agents        DEVOSIZE Series
Acrylate Sizing Auxiliaries
High Application Performance Cost Improvement
Zero waste
Zero Water Pollution
Zero Emission
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