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Sulphur Black Recycle

By the reduction of sulphide ions Sulphur Black will be the form of solubilize in water so can apply to the Cotton fabric. After that for fixation it should be transfer to the non-soluble form again So Air Oxidation is the way of air passages continuous dyeing machine Finally.
What is happening ?
  • Reaction of Sodium Sulphide with Water and Oxygen The result is Sodium Thiosulfate.
If everything goes well and fully Oxidized
  • Waste water plant should acidify before bio treatment of waste water from dyeing houses therefore pH about 11-14

Waste water produced by

Sultan Black ECO

It can be easily acidified without the risk of H2S emission and after filtration, Completely colorless, harmless to the environment and human health, easy to treat, recyclable for reuse.
The dye lost during the washing process is also recycled for reuse.
  • If everything goes well you will have elementer Sulphur and sulphurdioxide.
  • You will filter Sulphur why it is  not soluble in the water but have to have scrubber for SO₂ which is non permited discharge gas to atmosphere.
After air oxidation washing chambers will take all non oxidized reducing agents from cotton to the water with running meters enriched and finally deliver to waste water plant. High alkaline water before biologically treatment is required pH adjustment. Even though reduce pH with inorganic acid like sulphuric or hydrochloric acids. So the expected reaction will be like that
SULTAN BLACK ECO Non-Sulphide Sulphur Black Dye ECONSIDANT Sulphide Free Reducing Agent

We proudly announce to brands, buyers, dyers, researchers and all parties of who cares about sustainable production and save the planet approaches. 

  • Totally ecological dyeing system starting with raw material production like wise Sulphur Black and Antioxidants.

  • No need to change any production method

  • No need to have new machine investment.

  • No need to have additional parameter should monitoring.

  • No need to be suspected anymore by the environmental authority.

  • No more bed odors from waste water plant

  • No more facet circle of Sulphur.

  • Usage amounts will be very similar even same gr/l of conventional dyes.

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