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Organic Stabilized Peroxide
MKS DevO invention, improves the bleaching efficiency with the Stabilized Peroxide structure.
Advantages of CoreOxide

What is?

What ıs?


Provides efficient Peroxide usage, prevents wastage
Waste treatment work is decreased as peroxide wastage is minimized
There is no need for sequesterant, stabilizer, mg etc auxiliaries usage
Precipitation is not observed as there is no inorganic stabilizer in its formulation
Provides high DP results
Prevents asking “Which Wetting agent” question yourself
Prevents strength losses
Increases titration precision
Improves labor health and labor safety
Makes the process more simple by reducing the number of chemicals to be dosed
Increases automation efficiency
Prevents gramage losses
Improves touching after bleaching process
Has high storage stability
Decreases maintenance cost of pipelines
Improves storage safety
Decreases storage area usage
Decreases number of waste packages

Recipe Recommendation


Recommended by


In the pre-treatment of wood base cellulose knitted fabrics, cellulose waste, which is formed at an average of 8% levels, can be reduced to 4-5% with CoreOxide CP system. Uses with special alkaline DEVOLOPE AL STAB.
In the pretreatment of wood base fibers, according to conventional bleaching process it increases DP values by 8-12% and lowers the damage factor.

On the conventional peroxide bleaching:
Elastane being damaged
Strength of fabric decreases
More enzymes are used to provide surface smoothness

Coreoxide   CP system:
Provides the possibility of pretratment the fabric without being worn.
It meets the expectations of strength, elasticity, touch and surface smoothness at the highest level.
It also allows for a significant reduction in pinholes and even disappearing.

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