* Please note that ink performances can vary according to the type of substrate used in the final application

* Certified by TUV Rheinland

dıgıtal prıntıng ınk


Unique Ink Technology

* Best runnability on micro designs like men shirt  designs

* Low mantenance necesity

* Maximum color stability

* Wide color gamut

Integrated Solutions

* Continuous quality control

* 12-month warranty on the printheads provided by MKS DevO

* Full technological support provided

by MKS DevO

Technical Informations

* Substrates

- Coton/Viscose/Silk/Linen/Lyocell


* Print Head Compatibility

- Kyocera KJ4B


* Jetting Temperature

- 87.8° F (31° C)


* Recommended RH

- %50-60


* Shelf Life

- 12 months if stored under recommended conditions


* Environmental conditions

- Clean and dry environment with controlled temperature between 59-86° F (15-30° C)

  • Reactive inks are developed for use in common print technologies, using Kyocera KJ4B printheads and Konica Minolta Printheads.
  • Trouble-free printing without nozzle clogging provides minimal need for print head maintenance
  • Reproducible and consistent print results on cotton, viscose, silk and wool
  • High color strength requires less ink to achieve desired depth of color.
  • High colour yield, brightness and brilliancy. When used with a recommended system, Sultan Digi INK® R series deliver excellent print quality, outstanding productivity and reliability.
  • Good fastness properties
  • Meeting ecological requirements. GOTS Certificated.
  • Colours; ink range contains eight high density color for achieving deep and very deep shades. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Black)
RGOB (Red, Green, Orange, Blue)
  • Acid and Disperse inks developments are under progress to be promoted in 2019.