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First Textiles Dye to Earn Both SCS Recycled Content and Recycling Program Certification Awarded to MKS DevO Chemicals

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 20, 20

SCS Global Services announces that it awarded dual certifications to MKS DevO Chemicals (MKS DevO), leading organic chemicals producer in the Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA) region, after undergoing an assessment. MKS DevO achieved Recycled Content Certification for its patented product Sultan Black Recycle® and Certified Recycling Program for its production facility Bandirma Chemical Complex® (BCC).

MKS DevO is the world’s first company to produce a sulphide-free sulphur black dye, Sultan Black Recycle, with recycled content which is also recyclable. Sulphur Black dye is mostly used in denim fabric production and produces millions of square meters of waste water annually.

Sultan Black Recycle is a sustainable alternative for denim production. Until now, denim has been dyed by virgin sulphur black dye. The MKS DevO dye contains 51% post-consumer recycled content collected from waste sludge from the dyeing process.

In addition, BCC has also been certified under the SCS Recycling Program. The facility recycles spent dye process water through ultrafiltration systems. This allows capture of the dye to be recycled and the elimination of dye in discharged wastewater.

“We congratulate MKS DevO on its dual certifications and on this important innovation for the Textile Industry,” states Nicole Munoz, vice president of SCS Global Services Environmental Certification Services division.

MKS DevO takes pride in its commitment to bring innovative products and technologies to sectors like textiles, construction, detergents and water treatment. The company builds its reputation as an industry leader by continuous investment in R&D, production facilities, equipment, laboratories and skilled people. BCC was commissioned in 2010 and is an advanced facility including state-of-the-art glass lined reactors, graphite heat exchangers, spray dryer, large capacity reactors, blenders and liquid and solid raw material storage facilities. BCC’s proximity to international ports, make it an ideal export & import hub for group operations.


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