MKS DevO Chemicals is a global chemical company that produces a broad range of chemicals that are found in many products of different industries As a leading supplier in the diverse markets we serve, we are focused on delivering cutting edge products and solutions while maintaining our commitment to safety and sustainability. Our long-standing success is built upon technical expertise, supplier reliability, and customer relationships.
Our new investment BCC(Bandirma Chemical Complex) at Bandirma with a production capacity of Hundered thousand tons per year was inaugurated in 2010.
We focus production on versatile types of raw materials for performance chemicals and consumer products formulations. You might find our chemicals in construction, detergent, water treatment, textile and i&I cleaning industries chemicals.


BCC Site is a manufacturing facility that produces more than 8000 mt/month liquid chemicals, and serves as a supply center for EMENA region detergent, i&i cleaning, construction, textile and water treatment industries. BCC is an advanced unit which contains highly technical and specialist equipment including state-of-the-art glass lined reactors, graphite heat exchangers, spray dryer, large capacity reactors, blenders and liquid and solid raw material storage facilities. BCC site’s proximity to international ports, make it an ideal export & import hub for our group operations.









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