Digital Printing Ink and Auxiliaries

MKS DevO offers total solutions for digital textile printing. Based on our knowledge and experience of digital and textile printing processes, we offer total solutions- and supporting services – you need.

With our complete range, good knowledge of the printing process and textile industry, we offer you full integrated solutions. We develop and produce inks, chemicals, provide support in printing on different textile substrates and assist you to obtain best color performance.

For textile digital printing, we can offer;

• Consultancy
• Wide variety of textile inks
• Chemical auxiliaries
• High quality shades
• Excel ink expertise
• Technical service

The traditional printing industry produces large amounts of waste – both dyes/pastes and water, and it has high energy useage. There are also large space reqirements to operate presses, which produce a lot of noise. Digital printing has many advantages, by the significant reduction of production space, noise, wastewater, electricity consumption and waste of dyes. Digital printing’ s unique advantage is the rapid introduction of new designs produced economically at shorter run length.

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