Business Divisions

• Polymers
Polymers division is the premier manufacturer of water based acrylic homo and co-polymers, bringing over strong industry experience to our client base. Our vast product knowledge and specialized manufacturing processes ensure complete product conformance and quality assurance.
• Phosphonates
Phosphonates division is the largest EMENA supplier of organophosphonic acids and salts which are used worldwide in a broad spectrum of applications, including industrial water treatment, household & industrial detergents, industrial cleaners.
• Naphthalene Sulphonate
Naphthalene Sulphonate division specializes in manufacturing and distribution of Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde Condensate qualities
• Sulphur Dyestuff
Sulphur Dyestuff division offers an Advanced Black Sulphur Dyestuff Concept, a new SULTAN BLACK range focusing new production technology, cost improvement and application performance that are compliant with environmental aspects, trends, health and safety standards of 21st Century’ s textile industry
• Textile Technologies
Textile Technologies division is a leading provider of products and services for textile industry. Division offers full competence for all stages – from sizing auxiliaries , pretreatment, dyeing or printing, to finishing products for fabrics and garments – and the specialty products range for new generation textile articles. Trained technical sales staff and modern service labs ensure that customers all over the word receive fast and professional technical service. Division helps its portfolio to reduce costs, shorten lead times and meet quality and ecological specifications
• Digital Printing Ink and Auxiliaries
MKS DevO offers total solutions for digital textile printing. Based on our knowledge and experience of digital and textile printing processes, we offer total solutions- and supporting services – you need. With our complete range, good knowledge of the printing process and textile industry, we offer you full integrated solutions. We develop and produce inks, chemicals, provide support in printing on different textile substrates and assist you to obtain best color performance.
• Industrial Chemicals
Formaldehyde, Calcium Nitrate, Formic Acid, Detergent Speckles, 2 Ethyl Hexyl Sulfate, 2 Ethyl Hexyl Phosphate production
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